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The Chevrolet Truck serial numbers are well documented, but us GMC guys are left out in the dark. Well smile because you are out in the dark no more on serial numbers from '' NOT the title number or "VIN" but the number off of the ID Plate on the truck. This page was created for Advance Design ( to 1st series) and earlier GMC. Feb 22,  · I put up this database of old GM Parts catalogs for your part number identification pleasure. I hope you like it. kat-aura.info - Ian.

Full Size Chevrolet: to Chevrolet Serial Number Decoding – Basic decoding of the Tri-Five serial numbers (US built cars).. to Full Size Chevy VIN Decoder – Automated decoder from the great com website.. to Chevrolet Serial Number Decoder – Some gaps in the database on earlier cars but still worth a try.. Chevrolet Full Size VIN Decoder. GMC didn't really look at truck "years" so much as at did model runs which in many cases ran for multiple years. The chassis serial number for each year are only found through multiple sources and there is no central registry of GMC serial numbers (also incorrectly called VINs) other than what I .

Classic Chevy & GMC Trucks | Resources for owning, maintaining, and modifying classic Advance Design Truck Identification. The serial number consists of a group of numbers and letters which indicate the assembly plant, the model year, the series, the month of assembly, classic, and vintage Chevrolet Trucks. The site focuses on. The matrix on the right is the Engine Casting Numbers and should prove to get you the ID, Make and Year of your Engine. Before we get into further explanations of Casting Numbers, if you are trying to decipher the VIN plate on the Trucks Drivers Side Door Jamb, .