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Dear Tradition in Action, My wife and I live in Mexico, and she found your interesting website. Having three times heard Fr. Eduardo Chavez present his hour set of conference on Our Lady of Guadalupe, and seeing what his research had discovered on the true and false statements regarding the impression left by Our Lady on the tilma of Juan Diego, plus recalling his statement that false. In Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization of Love, Anderson & Chavez trace the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the sixteenth century to the present discuss of how her message was and continues to be an important catalyst for religious and cultural transformation. Looking at Our Lady of Guadalupe as a model of the Church and Cited by: 1.

About Our Lady of Guadalupe. Nearly a decade after Spain’s conquest of Mexico, the future of Christianity on the American continent was very much in doubt. Confronted with a hostile colonial government and Native Americans wary of conversion, the newly-appointed bishop-elect of Mexico wrote to tell the King of Spain that, unless there was a miracle, the continent would be lost. Oct 30,  · The Miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Fr. Eduardo Chavez Lecture Date: March 16th, kat-aura.info?idOfEvent=

only in Central and South America, but in North America as well, the Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated as Queen of all America.” He also wrote, “the renewal of the Church in America will not be possible without the active presence of the laity. Therefore, they are largely responsible for Msgr. Eduardo Chávez, Ph.D. Pope Benedict XVI.