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Jan 31,  · By Drew Kuehl. What are the biggest challenges facing Christian teens today? There certainly are many. I compiled a top 10 list from surveys that have been done but also from my experience over the last few years working with and counseling teens. Christian teens form all kinds of relationships. From friendships to dating, these are the years that Christian teens start building ties outside of the family. While these relationships are an exciting time for Christian teens, they also come with their own issues and hazards.

Visit Christianbook and find a variety of books to help deal with issues that teens deal with every day. Hear about sales, receive special offers & more. You can unsubscribe at any time. Teen Topics A Biblical Worldview (Part 1) The first question we will look at as we think through a biblical worldview is “Who is God?” How a person answers this question is key to how they approach life. The Bible gives we can understand all the issues of life (II Tim. ).

May 14,  · A Christian home doesn't exempt a teen from this issue. Lack of understanding and failure to commit to biblical standards on either part can cause serious friction. Simple misunderstandings can turn into serious conflicts. An important issue is to help teens and their parents learn to improve their relationships. Authority Relationships. Jul 20,  · Teens today have it hard. Parenting teenagers is not easy, but understanding the issues they struggle with can help everyone involved. You can't help solve a problem until you know what it is. Here, I highlight the most common problems faced by teenagers kat-aura.infos: