Is it normal to bleed for a long time after getting Mirena inserted? - i had sex then bled heaps


i had sex then bled heaps -

Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Merchia on why do i bleed the next day after sex: There are several things that can cause this. Infection can cause this and you should be tested for all stds. Cervical polyps and fibroids can often cause irregular bleeding. Schedule an exam for further evaluation. It's nothing serious, I went to the beach with my girlfriend and we had sex twice in two hours and everything was fine but she just got off her period the day before and then we did it 6 more times throughout the day and the rest of the 6 times she bled everytime, I did notice I went as deep as I could and that's when I noticed she started.

Does the hymen heal after not having sex for a while? By Guest | 83 posts I have no idea how many times did they have sex back then but I don't understand why she was bleeding with me. and never bled again until her normal period. after talking i come to find out the first guy had a small penis and she had never bled during sex with. Oct 11,  · okay so i had sex for the first time last night, first my partner fingered me then we had sex. it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would have but it did hurt. i didnt bleed at all. so i was wondering if this is okay? and if i am going to bleed next time i have sex & will it hurt as much next time i have sex? my partner wasnt a virgin, in fact he has had sex many many times.. in the begining Followers: 1.

Sep 13,  · If you haven’t had sex in a while (for you), it’s not out of the ordinary for the vagina to bleed a bit after intercourse. Before you go shouting about revirginization, which is NOT a thing Author: Hannah Smothers. Feb 07,  · I thought it cut me or something. I had sex and my partner did something that it hurt so I thought maybe it cut me. Can that be possible?? I cramped and bled. Since then, I have had maybe 3 days of no bleeding. Ours making me crazy. I had my first mirena placed in to control heavy periods, it was never for birth control. I've had.