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80 s transgender singer - 80s music: the gender bender experience - from Boy George to Annie Lennox

List Rules A comprehensive list of famous and notable singers and vocalists. Cliks vocalist and guitarist Lucas Silveira is the first transgender male to be signed to a major record label. "Being a person who identifies as a male in a physicality [that is] still female, and then transitioning to a. 80s music: the gender bender experience - from Boy George to Annie Lennox. Trans gender performers of the s 80's music video: the gender bender experience Click for Google +1 The early 80's saw the rise of a new, but short lived phenomenon - the appearance of cross-dressing pop stars. While the men were trying the look like women, the.

Pages in category "Transgender and transsexual musicians" The following pages are in this category, out of total. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Transgender musicians have popularized songs that more specifically address their community's concerns as well as their own personal, political, social, and religious interests.. According to an Internet article concerning these performers, their music bears a message, and they want to "entertain but also inform": "transgenders have their own culture and voice, and this is what many trans.

Oct 19,  · There may be other transgender heavy metal musicians — Cretin singer Marissa Martinez in the U.S., From Metal to Maternal stage star Jade Author: Diane Anderson-Minshall.