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how to strip coaxial cable -

A coaxial cable used to bring electronic signals to a television or other electronic device terminates in a fitting called an F-connector, which is the fitting that actually connects to the television or wall jack. There are several ways these F-connectors can be attached to coaxial kat-aura.info: Timothy Thiele. Dec 06,  · Rotary strippers have jaws that go around the cable, then the tool is rotated with your finger in a circular movement around the cable several times. Rotary strippers are available in 2 and 3 blade models. The 3 blade models cut two levels of strip in the shield of the cable, which makes it easier to fit connectors onto RG6 quad shield cable.

This video will show you the basic steps in how to strip coaxial cable and then terminate it using Klein Tools cable stripper and crimper products.