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How to draw a graph in LaTeX? Ask Question Asked 9 years, 3 months ago. Secondly, what is the most simplest way to draw a simple graph like this in Latex? I've seen some documents with graphs and I've seen some examples, but I couldn't figure out how to just draw a simple graph - what packages do I need, etc? latex graph-theory lyx. I need to draw simple graph (for example Petersen Graph) in LaTeX. I am using Kile in Ubuntu. I exactly don't know that which package should I use. Any suggestion with example is highly expected.

Drawing a graph [Open in Overleaf] Drawing a graph using the PG graphdrawing library [Open in Overleaf] Drawing lattice points and vectors [Open in Overleaf] Gray Code in 4-cube [Open in Overleaf] H-tree and b-tree [Open in Overleaf] Lindenmayer systems [Open in Overleaf]. LaTeX codes for line charts. An online LaTeX editor that's easy to use. No installation, real-time collaboration, version control, hundreds of LaTeX templates, and more.

Because the support for creating graphs in LaTeX itself is limited, it is best to rely on an external graphing program. That is, you create the graph of the sine function with the graphing program and save the result to a file. Then you include that file as a figure into your LaTeX document. Do you spend a lot of time typing equations in LaTeX? Try Mathpix Snip for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows or Linux and start converting images to LaTeX instantly!

TYPSETTING GRAPHS IN LATEX USING XY 3 If the look craggy, you may have an old version of tex installed. If the lines are craggy, you should turn on smoothing for line art in acrobat/acroread under edit > preferences > general. Figure 1. A sample Latex File with Two Graphs %% A small latex file with an XY graph. Issues with links to tables and figures handled by hyperref []. In case you use the package hyperref to create a PDF, the link to a table or a figure will point to its caption instead, which is always below the table or the figure a result, the table or the figure will not be visible if it is above the pointer, which means that some scrolling-up would be required.