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her cunt muscles gripped me - Facts and rumours of vaginal strength and vaginal control

Omg when you know how to work your pussy muscles and grip his dick with each and every stroke they will go crazy over you. When I first did this to my friend he looked down at my pussy in shock at how good it felt when I squeezed him he loved it so much he couldnt help but keep coming back for more. when I didnt give him some pussy he would beg me for it??.Author: Jesse Charger. Avenging Dad Ch. 01 The erotic pain was more than enough to send her over the edge, and her cunt muscles gripped me harder as her screams rose even louder and became more penetrating. Her body suddenly went rigid and she shook violently, which was enough to .

My Mother, My Lover Ch. 02 Her cunt muscles gripped me even tighter, and that was enough to send me over the edge. Carole went rigid, held her breath and then let go with a gasping shriek and at the same time, I howled in triumph as my cum shot into the depths of my mother's cunt, bathing her womb with my juices as she collapsed on the bed. My cock needs it more" It was then that dad stopped sucking the farm worker and said "go on, get inside my sweet daughter, fuck her good and fill her with your cum" So right there in that field, Brian got his hard cock into my cunt and fucked me. As I felt the head of his cock enter me and pushed in, my cunt muscles gripped his cock tightly.

cunt muscles, perhaps too strong, or maybe she just hasn't learned to use them as Honey has. My cock was kind of sore, more than usual, after my session with her." Anonymous man There are 'pussy-shows' where the woman inserts an egg into her cunt and then crushes it using her vaginal muscles. That is strong(try to crush an egg in your fist)! Apr 20,  · Grip only not hold firmly. Its possible to grip around and squeeze but not holding it tightly. If penis wants it can come out of vagina grip with gentle pull. This is fact with my own experience and knowledge. I do not know about all the girls. Th.