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Nov 20,  · The post is not safe for work - but the first words or so are. Sometimes you need a little something to spice things up, and sometimes you're terrified of bringing your favorite items from home. While Korea maintains a veneer of conservative nature in the bedroom, you'd be surprised what you can pick up upon. Aug 20,  · Sex toy stores are opening up all over South Korea and customers have been flocking to them. In the past, the few adult stores that existed were hidden behind tinted glass and filled with dirty or.

EDITORS NOTE: I can confirm the adult shop by the Cheil building is gone, but fear not there is another one in Itaewon. Go to Noksapyeong exit two. Walk straight until you come to the underground tunnel. Go down and come up the other side. Keep heading the direction you were walking in. You will see the convenience store GS 25 on the Brian Dye. Out with the old, in with the new. That not only applies to the coming new year but also, apparently, sex shops. Gone is the old nondescript stark white storefront of the former no name adult shop in HBC. Now the Bururu Life Adult Shop, a gaudy neon lit porn bonanza with a full floor to ceiling storefront window, beckons all to come inside. In the crowded hub of the new HBC/Gyeongridan Author: Brian Dye.

Department Stores in Seoul. Finding Department stores in Seoul is not a difficult task. The three biggest and most popular department stores in Seoul are: Hyundai, Lotte and Shinsegae. They all have branches across the city and everywhere you go, you will see them. Jan 08,  · sex shops in seoul? submitted 3 years ago by sarindong Seoul. anyone have any good leads on a decent sex shop in seoul? i looked online and found the place in itaewon (but articles about it are old enough to make me wonder if its still open) as well as condomania in hongdae but what i read about condomania makes it seem just like a pretty.