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Social Adult Day Care emphasizes social and recreational activities in a group setting, with some health monitoring. Clients attending Social Adult Day Care usually do not need medical attention during the day, but may need supervision for safety and activities of daily living. Adult day care is becoming important as people choose to age in place. You first need to start with a top-notch facility to attract clients. Safe drinking water must be readily available to participants at all times, as well as a supply of safe drinking water as part of the program’s emergency disaster plan.

Midland Care Adult Day Services provides a safe, enriching environment for adults who are unable to be alone during the day. As a caregiver, you want your loved one to be safe and enjoy life, but may need a partnership to make that possible. A social model adult day services program providing day-time care, a full range of therapeutic activities, and supervision for frail older adults and those with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Since , Day Haven has been a pioneer in developing services to support elders in their desire to remain at home for as long as possible.

Just 1 Call at for more information. You may also go to the Depart m ent of Health and Human Services website where you can read or print out North Carolina's Adult Day Care and Day Health Standards for Certification. I am working with a client who needs to be in a day care center for adults.