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Ideas for Christian Adult Small Group Games Adult Church Party Games (with Pictures) Church Youth Group Lock-In Ideas; Love the idea of the kids making a fleece blanket at the lock-in to donate to homeless shelter OR fire station for kids. Jul 25,  · Here's a list of 52 fellowship activities that groups in my church have used through the years. This list is meant to serve as an idea starter for your group so you can come up with your own activities and plans for implementing them. The key is to do it kat-aura.info: Josh Hunt.

Ideas for Ministry to Young Adults However, given the interest of many young adults in social networking, keeping these activities focused on young adults or certain demographics of young adults may be ideal. Young Adult Prayer Service for Faithful Citizenship. Mar 29,  · Christian Icebreaker Games for Adults I Am Blessed. I Am Blessedis an excellent icebreaker game for an adult group of Christians get to know each other better. It gives participants the chance to share something about their lives. Start with a volunteer and have them give their name and a reason he or she feels blessed.

Ideas for Christian Adult Small Group Games By Gina Scott ; Updated April 12, The small group is a growing focus in many Christian churches, according to Christianity Today. Gathering in smaller numbers offers more intimacy than the typical Sunday morning service allows. Still, even in small groups, bonding can take effort. May 20,  · 8 Great Ideas For Church Social Fellowship Events. Written by: AppointmentPlus on May 20, February 6, Are you a leader in your local church, a youth minister, or simply a church goer who wishes to be more active? 8 Church Social Activities Ideas. Create themed dinners.

Every youth leader needs a bevy of Christian games and activities on hand for youth group. Keeping a 'stock' of youth group ideas to use in a pinch will prove to be a lifesaver. Design your activities with your group members' ages in mind, and the kids will have fun no matter how silly or serious the activities kat-aura.info: Jennifer Betts. Whether it’s a weekend retreat, weekly Bible group meeting, or new-faith membership class, it is essential for the group to break the ice. A friendly, light-hearted game will help people relax and get to know each other before the meeting. There are a few ice-breaker games that would work well in a Christian setting.

Some good ideas for a Christian party include the Festival of Tables, Food Fellowship Potluck, Soul Food on the Table and All the King's Daughters, notes Creative Ladies Ministry. Many Christian parties are partly inspired by Christian symbols and Bible verses. Throwing a party suitable for Christian party goers may require some creative planning.