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An important part of being an adult is becoming more independent from your parents. While our parents will always be important people in our lives whom we can turn to for support, asserting your independence means being able to survive and thrive without relying on the various forms of support that parents usually offer to their young-adult children. In Voice Therapy, I described how adult individuals interact in a close relationship: “People whose actions are based primarily on the adult mode relate to each other as independent individuals.

Mar 28,  · 6 Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient & Independent. By Raven Ishak. Sometimes becoming more self-sufficient means you need to look deep inside yourself. Author: Raven Ishak. Feb 22,  · Emotional dependence is when you depend on another for your emotional well-being. It's what people call being needy. The first steps towards emotional independence require some reflection. Ask yourself the following questions. 1. Are you looking f.

Aug 19,  · How to Be Emotionally Independent. Being emotionally independent and resilient is an integral part of being happy. When we depend on others for our sense of self, we never truly know who we are. Fortunately, by accepting ourselves, 96%(29). It takes great courage to learn how to overcome this sense of being emotionally dependent on people, events or things but it’s worth doing so that you feel more in control of your life. Becoming gradually more independent and less attaching takes time and practice and isn’t always going to be easy but in my experience it can be done.