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Mark finds he likes sucking dick more than fishing. A meeting in a new context leads to new relationship. Who’s left her sexy panties on my desk? Sometimes being in the wrong place at the right time is fun. and other exciting erotic at kat-aura.info! The story that follows explains how my sweet hubby became the unlikely protagonist in a true story detailing his unexpected predicament. Let me back up. For some time I'd had a sneaky suspicion that my husband liked panties just a bit more than he might let on.

Husband catches wife with a stranger at a hotel. Cheating wife gets her wish and regrets it. A wife's attempt to spice up their sex life goes awry. Anna takes control of her husband and her pleasure. Aradhya loses but both me and Neetu gain. and other exciting erotic at kat-aura.info! Panty Husband's Wife Takes Over. by DrLit 06/08/ Next; Page 1 of 2; As I've stated in other stories, my wife was never real excited about me wearing panties. Then about three months ago while we were out to dinner, she actually suggested I wear her panties if I really wanted to wear panties. I was so excited to have one of my fantasies come true.

Submit Your Story! Fetish Stories. Story Spinner — Click this link to read a random story from this category! — Panty Husband's wife gives him lace top stockings. by — Her sister's panties enhance couple's sex life. by. Thongs & Panties - I love wearing panties with a cock ring round my dick that keeps me hard for hours strong and long and nice and thick. I edge and goon in panties leaking precum all day long that I .

Jun 07,  · Home · Cuckold Stories · Did I Really Cuckold My Hubby? HotWifeToni1. Score Story I have to confess my husband’s sex drive isn’t as active as it once was but that day he came hard. Don’t get me wrong Todd has a very nice size cock but just hasn’t the stamina or drive he once possessed. I was certainly glad I had panties on /5(53). Stories by Miss Vicky. M iss Vicky's First Time (A recounting of my introduction to panties and submission--part fantasy, part true) Victoria. This story reflects my fantasies about serving a Mistress. This woman truly loves putting her man in his panties. As you will see, she is also willing to share her panty pet. Trapped.

Men Wearing Panties Club features stories posted by men who like to wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie. You can even contribute your own stories of wearing. Men Wearing Panties Club also features an enormous categorized database of adult stories. Adult baby unit Becoming their diaper slave Cheerleader slave Fantasy play day gone wrong Heather's sissy How I become a sissy cuckold Laundry The nursery The tea party Trixie Belle torture, the nappy change Dana's revenge Sweatergirl story Sissytec Trapped in panties A wooly storie Never make fun of a witch Sissy Julian Kevin's story Schoolmaid.